Transitional Living Centers, Inc.

– Over 50 years of quality –

[ Family Owned and operated ]



It all started... 1964.  Robert and Wilma Trivanovich wanted to go into business together to fulfill the entrepreneurial  spirit of their upbringing.  In 1965, they opened a nursing home in Brunswick, OH, and shortly thereafter expanded both the building and the business to include 96 beds for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Since 1972, TLC has provided support to 96 individuals and in the early 90's built 12 small homes.  Those 12 became 13, and today we provide 24/7 care and support to 96 individuals with disabilities.  We are honored to do so, and look forward to providing the highest quality care, love, and support to all of our clients for at least another generation.


6721 Grafton Road

Valley City, OH 44280


Monday thru Friday  8:00 - 4:00



Main office - Location

6721 Grafton Road

Valley City, OH 44280

Just 1/10th of a mile from the intersection of Columbia and Grafton Roads in the scenic small town of Valley City.

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